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Fast Directadmin hosting
Managed WordPress Hosting
Cheap domain names
Maintenance underway on Server S3
Fast Directadmin hosting
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Cheap domain names

Register .eu Domain Name

Register your .eu domain name with today










Professional email address

No more .gmail or .hotmail address. With your own email address, you radiate professionalism. You do need to purchase hosting for this as well. 



You can fully configure the DNS of your .eu domain name. For example, you can very easily redirect your domain name to another website or create an unlimited number of subdomains to suit your needs.


Free Support

We help you every working day with all your problems. Usually you can also find your question in our Support center. 


Not satisfied? Money back!

We would be shocked if you were not satisfied. However, we are so confident in our services that we will refund you within 30 days.

"A .eu domain name is a crucial part of your online presence and can contribute to the success of your business, blog or personal project on the Internet. It is an investment in your online identity and brand."

Prices and extensions

See all prices and extensions in our extensive and inexpensive offerings

Why register your domain name today?



A customized domain name (for example, gives you a professional look and feel and inspires confidence in visitors and potential customers.


Online presence

A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. It allows people to find and visit your website, blog, or online store.



Your domain name can be an important part of your brand identity. It helps establish brand recognition and consistency online.



With a customized email address based on your domain name (for example,, you make a professional impression and can communicate efficiently with customers and business contacts.



A domain name makes it easier for people to find you online instead of relying on long and awkward IP addresses.



By owning your own domain name, you maintain control over your online presence and are not dependent on third parties, such as free hosting services.



You can register a domain name that matches your target audience or market, whether local or international.



A memorable domain name can help you with online marketing and advertising. It facilitates sharing your website and makes word of mouth easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well before the expiration date of your domain name, you will receive an email notification. At that time, you have the choice to renew or let your domain name expire.

When you decide to renew your domain name, you retain ownership. If you choose to let your domain name expire, no additional fees will be charged. However, please note that your domain name will again become available for others to register.

Should you accidentally pay late for any reason, don't worry. Most extensions have a quarantine period during which you can still renew the domain name. However, you may have to pay an additional fee.

That is certainly possible! With certain services, you get a .be or .nl domain name absolutely free for the first year. 

You can purchase a domain name for at least 1 year. Multiple karen depends on extension to extension.

The process is as follows: first you check if your desired domain name is still available. You do this by entering the domain name in the domain finder on our website. You will then see a list of available and occupied domain names.

Choose the domain names you want to register and complete the order. At that point, the selected domain names will be registered for you immediately and you can use them usually within the hour.

When you enter your current domain name in the search field you will be redirected to a page with the option to transfer your domain name. Please note that you must first request the EPP / transfer code from your current provider. Only then we can successfully transfer your domain name. After your order you may receive an email asking you to confirm the transfer.