Responsible Use

Article 1: Definitions.

Data traffic: data sent and received over the Internet. It includes uploading and downloading data to your hosting package and all your customers' visits to your website.

Storage space: the amount of data, expressed in bytes, that you can store on your hosting package.

Article 2: Data traffic

All packages include a certain number of gigabytes of data traffic per month. With most packages, this is unlimited. Nevertheless, we monitor our systems 24/7 to prevent overloads. We do this to give all users the best experience and minimize inconvenience. If we do notice large amounts of data traffic, we contact that user to obtain an appropriate solution.

Article 3: Storage space

On our website, you can clearly see how much storage space each package has. This storage is for website-related storage only. Your included storage space cannot be used to store and/or host large amounts of movies, photos or other material. We monitor disk space 24/7. If we detect abuse, we will review with the customer whether there are other better options that fit the customer's needs. When the user does not follow the advice of we can (temporarily) block the access to the services used. Of course we only do this when the user does not cooperate in any way.

Article 3: Free package

Unbelievably, offers a free hosting package. This is ideal for users who want to try our services or want to host a simple website that does not take up much storage space. If we notice that this service is being abused we can suspend your package immediately. If we see that this service has not been used for a period of 6 months we can suspend the package.